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Why should having a Responsive Website Design (RWD) be so important for your Law Firm? There are several factors when it comes to RWD, many of which we can all understand, especially those of us that utilize our smart phones or have now become accustomed to searching online using our tablets (I-Pad and others) ,smart phones when it comes to searching the internet. Your Firms prospects and, referrals are doing the same thing.

By the end of 2013 the number of mobile-devices connected will exceed the number of people on earth.

In 2013 the smart phone use to the internet has now passed the 50% mark. These numbers are proving to make marketing your company properly online in 2013 and top priority. With the cost of entry level tablets coming down rapidly this will have a significant effect on the way your prospects are viewing your website online. Businesses in every industry need to employ a mobile/tablet 2013 strategy to adapt to the way search has changed our clients search behavior.

Developing an online strategy for your Law Firm

LawMan Solutions will work directly with your Law Firm with time lines and design ideas that will help your current website pop when viewed on multiple devices. We have over 20 years of website design intelligence that we apply to every Law Firms website. So remember when it comes time to meet with the masses online through whatever device they choose to use to learn about your law firm, make sure you have the latest in Responsive Website Design online for all of them to view.

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